Knoxville Hood Cleaning

Eliminate the danger of grease fires with the help of an expert Knoxville Restaurant Hood Cleaning service provider. We are rated highly as one of the top Hood Cleaning companies in the business. We ensure that the hoods, exhaust fans, and ducts in our customers kitchens are free from any obstruction.


We have teams high trained and certified professionals who are always ready to provide all our esteemed customers with the top notch cleaning services. We always work in accordance with the set industry standards. We offer 24/7 cleaning services, all holidays included. We are backed by years of knowledge and expertise, and are building a strong reputation for reliability and quality with all our Knoxville hood cleaning clients, insurance companies, and local Fire Marshals.

Before we service any exhaust system, we always carry out a complimentary inspection and estimate to ensure that we are familiar with our customers special requirements. We strive to make sure that we provide our customers with professional cleaning services. We guarantee safe exhaust systems and total customer satisfaction.

To ensure quality and quick services, we have equipped all our trucks with the latest equipment to clean all the areas that are not easily accessible. We use state-of-the-art professional high-quality degreaser together with modern equipment to ensure that our work is of the highest quality.

The Importance of Hiring a Professional Knoxville Hood Cleaning Company

There are various reasons for cleaning hood. Some of the reason include:

Reducing the fire risk

The function of a hood is to trap smoke, grime, and grease as much as possible. That is why the hood is placed directly the cooking surface. With time, the restaurant hood will accumulate some sticky grease layers. And if heated to higher temperatures, this grease can easily ignite. Therefore, it can cause dangerous fires. Grease fires are extremely dangerous and they always burn very hot. Because of that, it is crucial to take some serious steps with an aim of reducing the fire risk. One of the steps if hiring us to clean it, and ensure that the hood is safe.

Reduce emission of dangerous particles

When the restaurant hood become grimier, it will become less effective at trapping smoke, grime, and grease. And the particles that are not trapped in the hood will escape into the air in the restaurant. This is a potential health danger to the restaurant staff, and all the people who use the building.

Staying in compliance

In case the local fire officials make a surprise visit to the restaurant, they can easily shut down the business or fine the owners if they discover that the restaurant hood is not well maintained and clean. This is one of the worst things to any business.


Keeping insurance expenses lower

Insurance firms need any commercial kitchen to comply with the set fire & safety codes. And if anyone is found breaking the codes, he or she will watch helpless as the premiums skyrocket or as they lose coverage.

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