Grease containment systems in knoxville hinge kits

Knoxville Grease Containment Systems and Hinge Kits

If you own a commercial facility such as a restaurant or any kind of industrial cooking operations, you need to be careful about causing grease damage to the roof and should monitor it continuously using a grease containment system. This saves you a considerable amount of money and effort and reduces the chances of any operational hazards.

At Grease Patrol we not only clean and maintain the grease containment systems but will also install the necessary hinge kits if needed.

Protects Your Roof

Fats and oils are transformed into aerosols and these build up on the roof top steadily, thereby causing heavy damage to the roof. Grease accumulation can lead to complete roofing failure with cracks and leaks weakening the roof structurally. Rooftop grease containment systems go a long way in reducing the damage and keeping your roof intact.

Minimizes Risk of Fire

Businesses are wary of fire hazards as they can be detrimental to the finances and can lead to closure. Grease on the roof is likely to catch fire with something as inevitable as lightning. If there is a fire in your kitchen, the fumes may move up through the vents and a greasy roof will just help to magnify and spread the blaze.

Keeps The Environment Clean

Grease contaminated water can cause damage to the environment if it runs down through the sewer system. The EPA has set strict guidelines and keeps checking for violations. If inspectors catch you unequipped to prevent damage to the environment from grease runoffs, you could be looking at paying a huge fine. Grease also attracts living organisms like rodents and insects, thus creating an unhygienic atmosphere. A grease containment system will help to prevent such situations.

Required By The Law

The NFPA 96 fire code makes it compulsory for all commercial kitchen facilities to install grease containment systems and hinge kits for all exhaust fans. This also reduces the risk of injury to people walking on the roofs, maintenance and fire department personnel who might need to go to the roof at some point.

Along with a grease containment systems, one should also have Hinge Kits installed in all the exhaust fans so that cleaners can have the required access to the exhaust system in order to clean it properly. Hood cleaners need to set the fan bowl to the side of the vent and this can be troublesome at times. This causes damage to the fan as well as to the wiring and increases the cost of repairs. Hinge Kits allow the fans to be lifted and cleaned up properly, thereby reducing the chances of unnecessary damage to equipment.

Grease Patrol has a successful track record of providing high quality service and installation of grease containment systems and hinge kits. Feel free to contact us anytime for a quote.

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